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LIFE Ecosystem Services Platform meeting

The Platform Meeting "COSTING THE EARTH? - translating the ecosystem services concept into practical decision-making " hosted by the Baltic Environmental Forum under the auspices of the LIFE 13 Viva Grass Project* and with the collaboration of the LIFE Office in Brussels  was held in Tallinn (Estonia), May, 10th- 12th. The main goal of the meeting was to identify the relationships between LIFE projects and the application of ecosystem services concept in the EU. Partecipants have explored the contribution a number of  current/past LIFE projects make/have made to testing, applying and enhancing the ecosystem services concept in the European Union, and how LIFE programme contributes to policy and decision making. The aim was to develop a guidance document for assessing and applying ecosystem services concepts at both the LIFE programme level and at the individual LIFE project level. The intention was to define and map ecosystem services by exploring the role that LIFE projects play in developing, experimenting and applying different tools and methodologies and transferring results to policy makers.

The GHOST Project Coordinator, Dr. Luisa Da Ros, has provided  the experience gained in the frame of our project  in relation to the economic evaluation of biodiversity benefits in coastal marine areas subjected to environmental restoration procedures. The approach used and the results achieved have been displayed in the poster "The economic value of preserving marine ecosystem services in the rocky subtidal habitats of the Northern Adriatic Sea (Italy)" authored by Tonin S & Da Ros L.  

 *LIFE 13 ENV/LT/0001899

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Networking with the MarGnet Project

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From 18th to 20th October 2019, the 7th edition of the Maker Faire Rome - The European edition...

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End of year, time of evaluations

End of year, time of evaluations

Posted 20-Dec-2018

The After Life activity of the GHOST project continues to give us great satisfaction. During these last two years...

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