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GHOST at the Police celebration event in Venice

At the invitation of the chief of Venice State Police, the LIFE-GHOST project has got involved with representatives of CNR-ISMAR coordinator in the celebrations of the 165th Anniversary of the Police Foundation, which took place on April 10 at the Teatro Malibran in Venice. Both Alfredo Boldrin and Luisa Da Ros, responsible for coordinating the project, had the opportunity to express their gratitude to the Venetian team of Police diver group for their enthusiasm and professionalism with which they have supported underwater activities of the Institute, in particular those provided to the project. The numerous diving carried out also thanks to the technical support of the State Police team have made it possible to realize the complete mapping of rocky areas on the Northern Adriatic seabed and the localization of the existing bottom waste, and also to bring to a successful conclusion later retrieval. To be recall that the recovery activities undertaken by the project have allowed the safe removal of more than 5 tons of ghost nets and other fishing gear / waste whose presence on the seabed was a real threat to the health of this environment rich in biodiversity.

The ceremony ended with the screening of a video on recovery diving activities carried out by police team within the project and with the delivery of a copy of the Manual realized in the framework of GHOST, by Dr. Da Ros to the responsible of the Police diver group, Chief Inspector Ernesto Marchiori, who reciprocated by contribution to the entire project team of a glass plaque to commemorate the success of the activities carried out collaboratively.


Photo credits: State Police

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