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Last News

The removal of ghost nets from rocky outcrops  is now completed

The removal of ghost nets from…

Posted 13-Jun-2016

The ALDFG removal from the impacted rocky outcrops off the Venetian coast has been completed. As a whole...

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LIFE-GHOST celebrates Natura 2000 Day with students of the Master Erasmus Mundus

LIFE-GHOST celebrates Natura 2000 Day with…

Posted 24-May-2016

On  May 19th the University IUAV of Venice, in collaboration with the LIFE-GHOST project, organized the seminar "Ghost...

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GHOST at the "Second seminar on coastal ecology"

GHOST at the "Second seminar on…

Posted 09-May-2016

The second workshop on coastal ecology took place at the Museo Regionale della Bonifica in Ca 'Vendramin, Rovigo...

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Educational itineraries in Arsenale

Educational itineraries in Arsenale

Posted 04-May-2016

On April 26th and 28th ISMAR has joined the event  "Educational itineraries  in Arsenale", supported by the Municipality...

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GIOCONDA Project: networking seminar for LIFE projects

GIOCONDA Project: networking seminar for LIFE…

Posted 19-Apr-2016

On April 13, 2016 the seminar "Participation, perception of risk, transfer and exchange of knowledge in environment and...

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GHOST-MERMAIDS: comparison of strategies to reduce the plastic release into the sea

GHOST-MERMAIDS: comparison of strategies to reduce…

Posted 21-Mar-2016

A networking meeting between GHOST project team and representatives of LIFE+MERMAIDS project was held at ISMAR on March...

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GHOST meets fishing operators

GHOST meets fishing operators

Posted 18-Feb-2016

In the coming weeks, a series of meetings with fishing operators of the Veneto region will be organized...

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The LIFE projects in the Lagoon of Venice and the North Adriatic Sea described in a publication issued by the Regional Council

The LIFE projects in the Lagoon…

Posted 20-Jan-2016

The publication LIFE PROJECTS IN VENICE LAGOON AND IN THE ADRIATIC - Test of new policies for the...

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Mater-Bi ® of new generation: an Italian biodegradable plastic material to be used for fishing gears

Mater-Bi ® of new generation: an…

Posted 12-Jan-2016

Mater-Bi® of new generation is a biodegradable plastic with good biodegradability in the marine environment. It is produced...

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